Warum kann nicht einfach mal alles gut sein?

Ich bin seit gestern Mittag wieder in Deutschland, ich habe die letzten Tage in der Türkei verbracht, genauer: Antalya, Side und das Taurus Gebirge. Ich habe unglaubliche Großzügigkeit erleben dürfen, Menschen, die einfach helfen, ohne zu hinterfragen, die einander wie eine Familie behandeln, selbst wenn sie sich kaum kennen. Eine kleine junge Dame Namens Melek, die jeden, den sie traf, ein Lächeln aufs Gesicht gezaubert hat, so viel Vertrauen schenkte sie uns. Und vor allem, auch wenn es kitschig klingt, so viel Freundlichkeit und Wärme, dass mein Herz sich ganz satt anfühlt. Das war erst vor wenigen Stunden.

Inspiration: minimalistic summer sale pieces < 50€

Travel: Antalya / Side Countryside and Üzümdere Milli Parkı

Lets go on a Roadtrip through Antalya - get in a Jeep and we will see the Backcountry. The Taurus valley is full of sea caves, with a river, lakes and endless streets. The rocks of the chalky white cliffs blend you as you drive to your next destinations. Countless Views will follow you all the way up to the cave, that you can visit with a small boat, you might see turtles, for sure some goats and if you're lucky, wild horses. To be precise, the following Route was ours: 
Starting in Side, a small part of Antalya by the sea, we went in the direction of Manavgat, to have an amazing view on the sea Eumapinar. (height: 1,300m) We kept on driving to Ormana valley (North East) with a short stop in Ürünlü, a Village where we got some traditional tea. Further in the direction of the Üzümdere Milli Parkı, we crossed a sea cave, in the middle of a mountain. You were able to see all the layers of differently textured rocks, the red ones for iron filled minerals, the white ones are chalky. Thousands of years in nature, and it seems that breaking it only took a glimpse. We made the Taurus valley tour with Vianoblis, you can find the route on their website. If you are able to drive a car, I highly recommend you to do the tour yourself (I don't have a drivers license). Rent a car, pack your camera and go for it. Otherwise enjoy your guided tour, they know their area the best. (german below)

Top 6 Minimal Blogs //Germany

1) Juule from Phosphenes for Instagram here

++ She is my Best Friend. Besides this, she is so overwhelming beautiful and witty, its a pleasure to read AND see her posts.

2) Anais Eleni for Instagram here

++ Stricktly Black and White, Anais has a strong aesthetic and thats something you can see through her whole gallery. 

3) Elisa from Schwarzer Samt for Instagram here

++ She has an artistic adder in her editing. She uses lines and locations as a playground, really something special!

4) Sophie from Basicapparel for Instagram here

++ What a cool, laid-back collection of daily outfits which I can totally wear as well. She brings the coolness to Maastricht!

5) Leonie from Noanoir for Instagram here

++ Leonie has the elegance of someone, who knows the advantages of good quality. Always chic and pure, a great inspo!

6) Storm of the Adorable Two for Instagram here

++ Mixing bohemian and minimalistic elements together, Storm always sticks to her feminin site, even when it has boyfriend elements.

Outfit: Marble Blouse

To start with the most important things: its #WorldRefugeeDay ! The 20th of June is annually the day that the UN calls out to remember the human beings who are affected by the war in their countries. The hard facts about the current refugee situation are shocking: This year, we have more than 65 Million refugees. This Number means, that every 113st Person is currently fleeing. Since the Convention of 1951 includes many rights, I want to highlight one, which is significantly important to me: education. Working for Kiron Open Higher Education, its been present in my life and I want to ask all of you today to head over to the UN Site, to get some information and to decide how you want to get involved. 
Now the less important thing: I am currently trying to fix this bachelor thesis, which is not too hard because the weather in Germany isn't exactly what I would call nice. This outfit was a bit risky because it shows off a lot of legs, which I haven't done in a while. I hope the marble print of the good old wood wood blouse distracts the people. I usually go with monochrome these days, keeping it simple and airy. You may have recognized my favorite espadrilles for the third time by now, I will definitely take them with me this thursday, when I am off for my next trip.

Blouse: WoodWood (old) similar here and more marble here and here
Skirt: Zara (old) very similar here
Shoes: Zara (Spain, not available in Germany) very similar here, here or budget version here
Watch: Nicole Vienna

read the german text below!

Mind: Dinge, für die ich mein Teenie-Ich ein bisschen auslache

Oder nennen wir es "mitlachen". Ich kann natürlich nicht völlig außer Acht lassen, dass ich das selbst auf den Fotos bin, als ich irgendwann vor geraumer Zeit mein altes Chictopie Profil wiedergefunden habe. Alt, weil ich mit 18 aufgehört habe, davon zu wissen. Auf den ersten Blick dachte ich, da hat jemand ein Fake-Profil mit uralten Fotos erstellt, um mich zu verarschen. Beim zweiten Blick merkte ich, dass ich das selbst war, die ein wenig zu "experimentierfreudig" war. Bei dieser Ansammlung an verträumt-gefilterten Vintage Momenten aus meinen Pre-Lana del Rey Tagen, erscheint mir nichts mehr heilig. Selbst die Hecke in Nachbars Garten musste für einen dieser dreamy Tage herhalten, wenn ich mich in einem Flohmarkt-Kinderkleid zwischen den Blüten versteckte. Ich muss, um die Übersicht zu bewahren, Struktur in diesen Post reinbringen und präsentiere euch drei Kategorien von Bildern, die ich als Teenie gemacht habe: