OUTFIT: Golden Bomberjacket Part II

Its still hard to believe, but part 1 (the hardest) of the bachelor madness is done. We finished our first book and to be honest, I always thought that my first "published" book ever would be a collection of short stories. But its not, its a more or less boring case study of voluntary management. and thats fine as well, because it might be more important at the moment then short stories, told by a mid-twenty year old awkward geek. The best thing about it: I have more time again for things I actually like and do not have to spent the rest of my days in a library (for now.) Now I get prepared to see my best friend again, celebrate my favorite holiday ever (1st of May) AND: Move out of my old flat for good. I cannot wait for tomorrow, this is what describes my feeling the best at the moment, lets celebrate it with a golden bomber jacket and shine!

Jacket: ADPT, budget version here 
Jeans: Levis, Here
Bag: &otherstories, similar here
Bracelet: &otherstories, similar here
Ring: Madeleine Issing 
Sunnies: Ray Ben

OUTFIT: Shades of Concrete with Nicole Vienna

Grey Days in Berlin inspire me to: 1) Do nothing. 2) Watch TV Shows. 3) Eat. Or in this case: Go out and enjoy the Berlin Architecture. We indeed have some pretty minimalistic spots and in the next Outfitposts, I want to share with you the Area as well as the Clothes. I think it might be more interesting for you to get an impression of the buildings and not only the wall I use as a background. So this is such a common spot to shoot that at the other side of the river was a male blogger, obviously shooting with a friend at the same time. It was much fun to watch them, because they had professional equipment and I am a creep, so I love to watch haha. 
About the Outfit: All grayish white is the other all black everything version of myself. I got the COS Blouse that everyone will have, sooner or later. You know, the one with the bell sleeves and ribbons and finally got my hands on the white version of my favorite jacket of all times, the Carin Wester Reva Bomberjacket. The White Version seems like a spring/summer companion to the black sister. Paired with my all black marble watch from Nicole Vienna*, its a combination I will wear through spring.

Jacket: Carin Wester Reva Bomber, similar here
Shirt: COS similar here
Pants: Misguided similar here
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith here
Bag: &otherstories similar here and here
Ring: Madeleine Issing, here
Bracelet : &otherstories similar here and here
Marble Watch: Nicole Vienna here

Minima/Lists: D like Decor

D like Decor. And talking about that, I mean stuff for your home which will make it look basic-pinterestique (thats french for "everybody's favorite internet home). Because, lets forget individualism for a while and think about all those inspiring pictures we see on a daily base. Of course I want that too. Of course I cannot buy all these things. But we can get closer to them. Sometimes a single chair can make a whole room appear completely different. For me, its about time to restyle a wire chair that someone else wanted to throw away, while still craving for the MENU Wire Chair in White. I am about to sort out some decor, so its quite funny to collect stuff that is not very necessary in a home at all. So I just reduced the upcoming minima list to the basic things, that are timeless and chic. Minimalistic decoration doesn't need a room full of other accessories, they will look great on their own. Enjoy this sundays MINIMA/LIST, next weeks is all about E Like Ecofriendly!

Food: Vegan No Bake Peanutbutter Cheesecake

You suck at baking? Me too. Everything that goes into the oven comes back unbacked raw in a bad way or black in a not edible way. Thats why today, we won't use the oven. We will use the fridge. And here´s the clue: Peanutbutter. Cheesecake. Peanutbutter-Cheesecake. Everybody will love it, especially, when we turn that one vegan. Here is an easy and quick recipe for a nice stuffing cake with NO ADDED Sugars! So since its a really quick cake, we want to start now with the ingredients:

OUTFIT: A cocktail dress at daytime

Hello from the bright side of life! I am just back from my trip to Barcelona and spent my weekend on a workshop with the organization I work for (too much "work" in one sentence). Of course, I came back sick and with a snotty nose. However, I am so lucky that I managed to ignore that completely and am fine now again. Recently, I got the chance to style a cocktail dress street style ready in two ways. Here is the first one! I´ve kept it simple with typical berlinesque "Sneakers are always right" attitude and my Carin Wester Reva Bomber. Its also our first Anniversary together and that timeless oversized Bomber Jacket is and will always be my favorite piece of clothing. It seems to be like one of those IKEA Blankets that keep you warm in winter and stay fresh in spring. So absolutely the best choice if you want a jacket that sticks to you through the year. I hope you like that minimal monochrome Look and don't get tired of this. Remember: Layering is a fine thing to do, even below a cocktail dress. 

H&M Trend Shirt - similar here
Mango Cocktaildress via AboutYou
Jacket - Carin Wester Reva similar here
Bag - &otherstories, I wish I had that one
Shoes - Adidas find them on sale here and here
Madeleine Issing tube ring